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Father Joseph Rahal​


Help Syrian Refugees

Since the tragic terrorist actions in Paris, Beirut, Mali and elsewhere in the past two weeks, there have been polarized reactions to the reception of refugees, mainly of Syrian nationality, worldwide: an understandable reaction of concern on the one hand, but a sad overreaction of fear on the other. 

The Syrian civil war has resulted in an unprecedented number of deaths of innocent people and lack of basic services like healthcare and sanitation, healthy food and drinking water, safe and dignified housing, and so forth. Our Antiochian Archdiocese and our Church here in Washington, DC., are actively working to facilitate the influx of refugees that will be accepted and cleared by our government to come to the US. 

At this time, we are accepting donations of cash only.  After these refugees arrive, it will be determined the type and sizes of clothing and other personal materials to be offered to them. If you would like to offer monetary donation, please call our Church office with your credit card information or you can send your check to the Church office, payable to: St. George Church – earmarked: “Syrian Refugees”. All donations are tax deductible.


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