كنيسة  القديس  جاورجيوس  الأنطاكية  الأرثوذكسية  المسيحية


​Fr. John (Rassem) El Massih ​


President:                                                    Nicolette Aftimos

Vice President:                                           Rose Fakhoury

Treasurer:                                                   Grace Ghareeb

Recording Secretary:                                 Tina Hausen

Sargeant at Arms:                                      Rosalie Peckerol


The Officers of the Ladies Myrrh Bearing Society meet once a month - the first Sunday of each month following Liturgy.

The Ladies Society always wants, and welcomes new members. Meetings are the FIRST Sunday of each month, after The Divine Liturgy (dues are $20 annually). Come join us!

No church is ever complete without the Tender Loving Care of its mothers and sisters. These ladies make up what is known as the "Ladies Myrrh Bearing Society of St. George".

The members meet once a month. Their activities range from the Spiritual to the Colorful, and everything in between. An annual sponsorship of two needy children from the Middle East is a continuous project of the Ladies.

On the social scene, the Annual Festival and Bazaar is held on the first weekend after Labor Day. Bake Sales rank high on the list along with many other activities. They also regularly visit the elderly, the sick and the disabled from our parishioners.

In addition, the Ladies are often called upon, and they graciously accept, to help prepare meals during certain church activities, such as funerals, weddings, etc... The Holy Bread that is used for the Eucharist on some Sundays is the product of their labor of love.

How do you join??? First you take ideals and principles, then you add dedication and hard work, and finally you sprinkle lots of love and affection, and you have yourself the recipe that qualifies you to join the Ladies Myrrh Bearing Society. It is an elite group, in a standard by itself. Our ladies have earned the expression (from an old Arabic proverb): "Not even paradise is good enough for the feet of our mothers..."

Ladies Myrrh Bearing Society


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