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Father Joseph Rahal​


“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!’ (Luke 12:32)
In these uncertain times, we should surround and arm ourselves with Christian prayer and remember that our hope rests in God alone who is the author of our lives and the healer of our souls and bodies.  Although this is a time to be cautious, careful and follow the advice of medical professionals, we should also remember that our best defense and protection is trusting in the Lord and placing ourselves in His care and protection. 
This directive is sent to you to assure you that your church community is praying to the Almighty Lord to remove this Coronavirus from the face of the earth. We understand these are troubling times for parents, children, grandparents and the community at large, but if we are anything, we are identified as people of faith, as we recall the words of Jesus, “I am with you always, till the end of time.”
Please note the following:
All Sunday morning services will go on as scheduled. The Sacrament of HOLY COMMUNION, is the Body and Blood of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is without any question or doubt the Medicine of Immortality, not a source of disease. The Church, over her two thousand-year history, has experienced countless plagues and has never wavered on this point, and we will not do so now. Nonetheless, we encourage common sense precaution when partaking of Holy Communion. Approach the chalice by leaving space between the person in front of you. Tilt your head back and open your mouth wide, allowing the priest or deacon to gently place the sacrament in the mouth and do not make any physical contact with the spoon.
Friday Madayeh Service will continue as usual.
Sunday School is cancelled beginning this Sunday until further notice.
All dinners, coffee hour, the Lenten Luncheon, and all ministry meetings, such as Teen Soyo are cancelled until further notice. 
Those who are feeling ill, the elderly, those with diabetes, lung issues or a compromised immune system are urged to stay home.
Concerning receiving the Holy Bread after communion and at dismissal, the priest or deacon will place a piece of bread in your hand. Please do not reach into the bowl.
Please venerate the Icon and Cross with a gesture of respect, but then back away and do not touch the item with your lips or hand. The same goes for the priest’s hand.
Your church is taking steps to keep everyone safe. All doors, door handles, walls, pews and classrooms are being cleaned.
Bottom line, please take common-sense precautionary measures such as washing hands with soap and hot water often, covering coughs inside your elbow (if you do not have something disposable), and remain home if you do not feel well.  
There’s a story of a man at sea in a dinghy. When he sees a great storm approaching on the horizon, he asks, “Shall I row or pray?” A voice responds, “Both!” Let’s be diligent in our protection of one another through our prayers and our works, always trusting our Loving Lord with the outcome.  “For God is with us.”
Your servant in Christ,
Very Rev. Joseph Rahal


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