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My New Year wish to all of you is to welcome every day with joy even if sometimes it brings you new pain. Keep in touch, not only during special occasions, but when there are no occasions. Keep connected to your church community — it is the greatest of God’s gifts.
Our church was commissioned by Christ and built by faithful people like you. Even though our society is always at odds, the church nourishes us with the gifts of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit; love, compassion, patience. Our church helps us with renewal, forgiveness, reconciliation and most important of all, participating in the heavenly gifts while we are still living on earth. The church teaches us not only to reconcile, but to give back. It is the most stabilizing and important institution to carry future generations, assuring the future will welcome a new family through marriage, or a new child through baptism. Seeing them run around the church singing Holy God,” Koudosenl lah”, not yet knowing the extent of the deep relationship between us and the Lord is edifying and inspiring. The church is the only secure and safe ship that will wipe away every tear, assuring you that you are not alone.
Our task, as Orthodox Christians, is to excel, to invent, to participate, to become the scientist, the physician, or the entrepreneur that society depends upon. We are people who trust and believe that God, is in fact, in our midst, no matter what is going on around us. He dwells within us no matter what the outward circumstances are. Hope remains in Him, His name is “Emanuel.”
A Prayer For The New Year

Master, Lord our God, the Source of Life and of immortality; the author of all created things both visible and invisible, who has placed all seasons and years in Thy power and directs all things with Your most-wise and all-precious providence; We most sincerely thank You and praise Your Holy Name for our families and friends, and for our bounties which You have poured out upon us during our life that is past, and we invite You O all-bountiful Lord to bless the crown of the coming year with Your goodness and bless our God-fearing authorities. Multiply the days of their life in health unalterable and grant them progress in all virtues. Bestow all good things from above upon all Your people, as well as good health and salvation. Make us people of good will toward each other, our Church and our society. Heal the sick and be with those who travel by land, sea and air. Grant us Your everlasting peace by taking away all fears from our hearts. Deliver the Holy Church, our Nation, and every troubled place from every evil assault and vouch safe unto them peace and tranquility; and grant that we may always offer thanks-giving unto You, the Father, who is everlasting, together with Thine only-begotten Son, and the all-holy, good and life-giving Holy Spirit, now and ever unto ages and ages.  Amen.