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كنيسة  القديس  جاورجيوس  الأنطاكية  الأرثوذكسية  المسيحية


​Fr. John (Rassem) El Massih ​


At St. George, both Clergy and Laity, are very happy to have you as member and friend. 

The information below has been prepared to help you in recognizing what the Church is and what it has to offer, both spiritually and socially, to you and your family. Also, we have included some of the “Guidelines” on how to conduct ourselves in and around the Church.

God has commanded us to "Keep the Sabbath Holy." To us Sunday is the most precious day of the week. Sunday Morning begins with the Matins Service at 9:45, (The matins service is mostly in Arabic); and it is immediately followed by the Divine Liturgy at 10:30 AM. The service typically ends by 12:00 noon, followed by a fellowship hour with refreshments.

Spiritual Growth Ministry
The highest priority for all of us is our relationship with Christ. The Spiritual Growth Ministry gives our community the opportunity to learn her Orthodox Faith and the best ways to apply it in everyday life. By invitation from the family, the Priest will conduct an informal study session on the faith at the family’s home. The family typically invites their immediate relatives and get together one evening to pray, study and discuss the faith and how to ‘live’ it in today’s world.

Pray….It Works

A reminder from your friends at St. George:

"…Stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle." II Thessalonians 2:15

The annual budget for our Church is about $250,000. The only source of income is the generosity of our parishioners. What you elect to give to your Church is a very personal decision. Only God, with His immeasurable knowledge, can judge whether you have sincerely given back to Him what He deserves. Every donation you give is an investment, and every investor expects a return. We’ll let God’s own words explain how well your investment will work for you: "..Test Me in this and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” Mal 3:10

Voting Membership
We do have some people in the community who try to get as much out of the Church as possible and offer very little in return. Of course we will always continue to serve and to pray for these people. Fortunately, however, our Church has been blessed with those who recognize the value of the investment they make in their Church. These individuals and families pledge to give back to God a portion of their resources, be it time or money. We call these people “Members in good standing of the St. George Family.”

Members, who fulfill their obligation spiritually and financially, have the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making aspect of the Church. They can serve on the Parish Council or simply vote for the leadership of their choice. To be a member, it takes a pledge of $500 per family per year (plus $45 per each person in the family as their dues to the Archdiocese). Of course, this is only a minimum; because what you give to God should be relative to what God has given you. 

Non-Voting Members
In the name of fairness, we do request that non-Voting members who elect to use the services of our Church, pay for at least that portion for which they receive direct benefit. For that reason a schedule of minimum donations is recommended. Please contact our Church office for details. 

Please remember that our objective is to bring people closer to God. Unfortunately, finances are one of the necessary resources to achieve this objective. But we would never allow material issues to become an obstacle to this sacred mission. Please communicate your concerns, along with your solutions to us. 

Church Hall
Many of our parishioners find that our Church hall is a convenient and more affordable alternative to a banquet facility. Parishioners may use the Church hall for all Sacramental occasions. A pledged member will have to accept full responsibility for the hall rental. We have special arrangements with caterers, which can give our community reduced rates. Please call the Church office for more details. 

One of the most enjoyable experiences for parents is the birth of a child. This miracle changes their outlook on life, and puts their existence in a different perspective. A tradition that traces back to Old Testament, is to present this child to God, as a symbol of our admission that only God can bless and protect this child throughout his or her life. It is also a time to give thanks to the Almighty for this “miracle of childbirth” and for watching over mother and child. 

As soon as the mother and child recover, and are physically able to move about, their first visit should be to the House of God, for this presentation and prayer of thanksgiving. In addition, it is an opportunity for all the members of the St. George family to see the latest addition and congratulate the proud parents on this fine accomplishment. 

Known as “Churching,” it begins with a prayer over the mother and child in the back of the church, then the priest carries the child to the front and are taken inside the altar. The Priest concludes the presentation and he hands the child over to the mother. Please notify the office when you’re ready for churching, and be in the church no later than 10:15 am. 

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