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Father Joseph Rahal​



We are pleased to announce the appointment of Christina Roulakis as our new Sunday School Director.  We ask that all parents offer their help and volunteer at our Sunday School.

"Bring up a child in the way he/she should go, and he/she will never depart from it."

We hope you have had an enjoyable and safe summer and we are looking forward to our student's return and anticipate a memorable year ahead with the induction of “their” new school.

We are elated to inform you that our Church School will begin on Sunday, September 14th and registration will be on the 14th.  Children shall remain in Church for the Procession at the end of the Liturgy.  Please have your child sit in the front left side of the pews.  Below please find the registration forms.  Parents should be helping in the Sunday School and we look forward to seeing everyone.

We ask that you help by registering your child before coming to class. Students must be over 4 ½ years old to register for Kindergarten. There will be a nursery for children under the age of 4 ½ which will not be part of the Sunday school program. We ask that those children be supervised by a parent.

We believe that an effective church school should be based on the philosophy of “Parental Partnership.” We will remain focused on building an extension of the primary parental responsibility for the spiritual education of our children. It will remain our goal that we provide an education that: 1.) guides the spiritual development of our children with participation in the Orthodox Christian community; 2.) reinforces Orthodox Christian character and 3.) is strong in Orthodox Christian curriculum.

We encourage all parents to communicate their ideas, suggestions and/or comments to help build bridges of community among parents, children, and staff. And together, may we enrich our children in the teachings of Christ.

In Christ,
School Director: Christina Roulakis​
Registration Form Here
Learning Material can be found on the following website: http://www.orthodoxabc.com/ 

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