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May 26th, 2024

Fourth Sunday of Pascha
Sunday of the Paralytic
Apostle Karpos of the Seventy; Apostle Alphaeus and his children, Martyrs Abercius and Helen



On May 26 in the Holy Orthodox Church, we commemorate the Apostle Karpos of the Seventy; and the Apostle Alphaeus and his children, Martyrs Abercius and Helen. On this day, the fourth Sunday of Pascha, we commemorate the Paralytic and, as is right, we celebrate the miracle wrought for him.

The word of Christ was strength for the paralytic;
So that this word alone was the man’s full healing.

Jesus healed the Paralytic at the Sheep’s Pool, located near the Sheep’s Gate of Jerusalem, where people sacrificed their beasts and washed their insides. The pool had five sides, with a porch and arch on each. A number of people, afflicted with various diseases, passed through them, waiting at the water for an angel to come down and stir it. Once it moved, whoever stepped into the water first was instantly healed. One poor man, whose story is recounted in today’s Gospel lection in the Divine Liturgy, waited 38 years for someone to lower him into the water, because he was unable to move into the water himself. However, the Savior merely commanded the man to get up and walk, and he was healed. In Thine infinite mercy, O Christ our God, have mercy on us. Amen.

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