LMBS Centennial Celebration

Ladies Myrrh Bearing Sunday Weekend (May 7th and 8th), the Ladies Myrrh Bearing Society Celebrated 100 Years at Saint George Church. Thank you to all who joined and made this Blessed Celebration so very joyous, despite the weather we had on Saturday during the Picnic. Festivities continued on Sunday with a Memorial Service for the departed handmaidens of God who labored and worked as part of the LMBS. May their memory be eternal! The Celebration concluded with our own Auntie Rosalie T. Peckerol-Jaccino being presented with the Antiochian Archdiocese Meritorious Award for all her hard work and dedication while serving Saint George the past 70 years. God Grant You Many Years!
We share with you the LMBS Centennial Celebration Slideshow which Celebrates our Past, Present, and Future of the LMBS https://youtu.be/T9EeeYAMlq0.