Music Ministry

You gladdened Christ's Church by your melodies like an inspired heavenly trumpet.You were enlightened by the Mother of God and shone on the world as God's poet. We lovingly honor you, righteous Roman.

Among the reasons that candles and incense are used in the Orthodox Church is to invoke all of our senses for the Glory of God. Our voices play an important role in this mission. Traditionally, St. George has utilized both a full choir as well as chanters to sing the responses and other hymns.

From the choir loft, the choir sings mostly in English during the Divine Liturgy, using a well balanced mix between Russian and Byzantine melodies.

The harmonic sounds of a choir can be a true source of inspiration to the congregation. We strive to find musically inclined parishioners who are willing to put their talents to good use, and are committed to a disciplined choir agenda. St. George's Choir is asking for new members, starting from age 14 and up. The new members should have a willingness to sing, and must be able to sing on key. A good Church is knowing God, good preaching, and beautiful music. 

If  you are interested in joining the choir, contact the church office directly.

The chanters stand in the front of the church where they chant mostly in Arabic (and occasionally in English or Greek). There are 8 basic tones that make up the Orthodox chants. Intensive training is often a pre-requisite to mastering the art of Orthodox chanting.

Choir Directors: Eyvonka Rizkallah, Nyla Louh

Chanters: Stefanos Roulakis, Dr. Norma Achor, Eyvonka Rizkallah